Fall 2019
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Notes on S10
30 Oct 2018

Time flew by! While we're now 5 sessions late on logging our notes because we've been working like clocks.

This is some of what happened while we were away:*all documentation will show up here, magically and retroactively*

— Had guest talks over Skype and in person with:
    • André Tavares
    • Clara Balaguer
    • Jon Sueda
    • Lars Müller
— Printed thousands of pages on the Riso for a zine collection
— Designed our own stamp to mark our editions
— Ordered multiple blank dummies and voted on formats
— Finished each participant's 16-pp contribution to our reader
— Received transcripts for all talks (thanks Rita!)
— Had lunch together outside school a few times :)
— Booked a launch event at Kharthoum Contemporary Nov 10
— Received paper donation from Arctic Paper
— Received 1/1 offset printing donation from TS Trykk
— Hired a ghost writer for our minibios

…and more. Just stay tuned.

Notes on S5
18 Sept 2018

Today was a big day! Each participant showed up with an 8pp zine and we used the whole day editing and responding to the work together. Curiously enough, it developed into one big simultaneous discussion about film editing.

Rob Wiesenberger joined us for a wonderful conversation about his work on Muriel Cooper's monograph as well as sharing his dynamic thoughts on research strategies around archives, institutional collections, public programming and many many other topics he's been developing at Yale, the Harvard Art Museum and now at the Clark. (more photos at our Instagram︎)

Topics we addressed:
— We took a break from typography (how dare you!) and co-edited a collection of zines.

Links + references that came up*
*actual links will be added whenever there's time.

Many movies/series openings/music videos and their narrative structures (other things, too):
— Chris Cunningham's "All is Full of Love" for Björk
— Carpark North's "Human"
— Kyle Cooper's opening credits for "se7en"
— Everything Spike Jonze
— Everything Trailer Park Boys
— Everything Martin Parr
— K-Hole's Trend Forecasting and everything normcore
— Dexter / opening credits
— Masters of Sex / opening credits
— Random Acts of Flyness, again
— Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight
— Orange is the New Black / opening credits
— Better Call Saul / opening credits
— Breaking Bad/ opening credits
— Succession / opening credits
— The Affair / opening credits

Notes on S4
11 Sept 2018

Today we continued our typographic drills and had a new crit round. The work is heating up and everybody is starting to show bits of fully commanding the page space!

On top of it, we had a new guest lecture with the most amazing Sally Thurer, on illegitimate and legitimate images: (more photos at our Instagram︎)

Topics we addressed:
— We moved from the word-long text format to the paragraph-long format.
— Next week we're starting to work with spreads (before then it was only single pages, scaling from A5 to A3).
— We'll now take a break on working with type to working with images, through an 8-page zine featuring an image collection related to each one's texts. (tutorial available on Dropbox Paper as usual)

Links + references that came up:
— Richard Turley appeared in our conversation before and after meeting Sally and I promised to share the link for his work and talk at the Walker Art Center's Insights lectures:
        (Richard's website︎) (Walker Talk︎)
— Boot Boyz Biz also came up before and after our Skype:
        (link here︎)
— We talked about Girls Like Us and their fabulous upcoming writing we can't share yet, Rebecca Solnit's Atlases, David Carson and his work for Ray Gun, Nieves, Ariel Pink everything, Christian Lange and also The University is Now on Air.

Books on the table today:
Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press '66–'67 from Provo to Punk
In Numbers: Serial Publishing by Artists since 1955
Self Publish, Be Happy
The Athens Recorder
Parallel Encyclopedia 2
FILE Megazine 1972–1989
Learning from Las Vegas (v1 facsimile!)
Big Sign, Little Building
Mike Kelley's monograph

Notes on S3
4 Sept 2018

Today we had our very first type crits and our first and wonderful guest lecture with Astrid Seme. August K took sketch notes during the day so here's our session in a nutshell: (more photos at our Instagram︎)

Topics we addressed:
— We did a first check on the course participants' minibios and a first vote on whether we'd like to edit them down to a same format (8 votes) or if each one should freestyle about their own (5 votes).
— We continued our typography tutorials running a mobile grid in A4 format, this time working with a sentence and setting a basic stylesheet for paragraph and character styles (tutorial link was shared over Dropbox Paper).

Links + references that came up:
— Marcel Broodthaers' Interview with a Cat:
        (Text link︎) (Audio link︎)
— John Baldessari's Teaching a Plant the Alphabet:
        (Video excerpt︎)
— "Johny Johny Yes Papa" > so far the creepiest meme of 2018 and how it emerged out of the hellscape of children videos + exploitations in the Youtube algorithm. (link here︎)

Notes on S2
28 Aug 2018

We talked about many things but before I list it we should make a class commitment to watch this series before too many episodes stack up. I have already explained why:

Other things we looked at:
— The "How to: not to" manual (link here︎)
— Robin Kinross' Hyphen Press (link here︎)
— Ryan Scavnicky's (@sssscavvvv) use of meme formats while trying not to lose the link with current and past forms of architectural criticism.
— The Herb Lubalin center for Design & Typography issue 3 of "Flat File"︎ on Karl Gerstner's work for Capital Magazine, using the grid system we built together in our tutorial.  

There was a lot more! The list of readings you brought and how everybody got to pull their grids together was amazing, good job! Our guest little visitor says hello and thanks for the patience :)

I’ll be late!
21 Aug 2018

I’ll be arriving from Canada on the morning on the 21st so we're starting our session a bit later, at the following time and address:

Dælenenggata 16B, 15:00h

Apart from that — check this residency program out, it's fun!


(and follow @canadiancentreforarchitecture on Instagram)

Bring your computers, btw! We'll be using Adobe InDesign.

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Oslo, Noruega