Fall 2018
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Aug 28
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We’ll dive deeper into the elements of typography, with a particular focus on ideas of scale and rhythm. We will look into what happens when we move from working with single words to sentences to paragraphs to pages and so on. Plus, we’ll keep on drilling.

What will be talked

  • Initial lecture on Detail in Typography and formats / type scales.
  • Participants will present their minibios, selected publication, adopted text.
  • There is no presentation format. Just show and tell, no drama.

What will be done

  • Base Indesign tutorial for doing:
    • A set of typographic drills for 1 word only.
    • 15 variations picking words from the text you adopted.
    • A5 size on an A3 print file.

What’s next

  • We’re having a conversation with Astrid Seme on September 4th over Skype.
  • Bring 1-2 questions each max. I will moderate.
  • Bring revisions of your type drills, if you want to.

Last update: Aug 8 2018

- add + examples from the arts and literature to the image slideshow
- correct captions (notation, dates and so on.)

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