Fall 2019
Biblio, Archive

Sept 11 (!)
Visual Research

Guest lecturer
Sally Thurer

Sally will join us for a conversation on visual research in response to legitimate/illegitimate images and more. Her talk will be warmed up with exercises on building our own visual collections and discussing how do they fit within our larger editorial ventures.

What will be talked

  • Lecture on Visual Research strategies and Design as an Exercise in Analogy.
  • Pin-up crit on your A4s.
  • Skype chat with Sally.

  • What will be done

  • Each participant opens an own are.na account.
  • Participants spend 1h collecting images in reference to their adopted text.

  • What’s next

    • We’re having a conversation with Robert Wiesenberger on September 18 over Skype.
    • Bring 1-2 questions each max. I will moderate.
    • Keep on adding to your image collection.

    Last update: Sep 5 2018

    - add + examples from the arts and literature to the image slideshow
    - correct captions (notation, dates and so on.)

    S-p D+A
    Oslo, Noruega